Changes in Achievement Goal Orientations, Perceived Academic Competence, and Grades across the Transition to Middle-Level Schools

Social Predictors of Changes in Students' Achievement Goal Orientations

Math Self-Concept, Grades, and Achievement Test Scores: Long-Term Reciprocal Effects Across Five Waves and Three Achievement Tracks

Navigating the Transition to Multi-Ethnic Urban High Schools: Changing Ethnic Congruence and Adolescents' School-Related Affect

Trajectories of global self-esteem development during adolescence

Within-Grade Changes in Korean Girls' Motivation and Perceptions of the Learning Environment Across Domains and Achievement Levels

Students' transition from elementary to high school and changes of the relationship between motivation and academic performance

Changes in self-perceptions of competence and intrinsic motivation among elementary schoolchildren

Parental Predictors of Motivational Orientation in Early Adolescence: A Longitudinal Study

Changes in Self-esteem in Black and White Girls Between the Ages of 9 and 14 Years

A longitudinal study of beginning reading achievement and reading self-concept

Patterns of Individual Adjustment Changes During Middle School Transition

A Longitudinal Investigation of Sport Participation, Peer Acceptance, and Self-esteem among Adolescent Girls and Boys

Bidirectional Associations Between Valued Activities and Adolescent Positive Adjustment in a Longitudinal Study: Positive Mood as a Mediator

The Effects of Teachers' Reference Norm Orientations on Students' Implicit Theories and Academic Self-Concepts

The study of growth between academic self-concept, nonacademic self-concept, and academic achievement of ninth-grade students: a multiple group analysis

Developmental Trajectories of Achievement Goal Orientations During the Middle School Transition: The Contribution of Emotional and Behavioral Dispositions

Learning climate, academic competence, and anxiety during the transition to middle school: Parental attachment as a protective factor

Changes in Efficacy Beliefs in Mathematics Across the Transition to Middle School: Examining the Effects of Perceived Teacher and Parent Goal Emphases

Intrinsic Motivation and Achievement in Mathematics in Elementary School: A Longitudinal Investigation of Their Association

A Longitudinal Study of School Belonging and Academic Motivation Across High School

Secondary School Transition and the Use of Different Sources of Information for the Construction of the Academic Self-concepts ode_635 537..557

Trajectories of Perceived Adult and Peer Discrimination Among Black, Latino, and Asian American Adolescents: Patterns and Psychological Correlates

Subjective and Objective Peer Approval Evaluations and Self-Esteem Development: A Test of Reciprocal, Prospective, and Long-Term Effects

Stage-Environment Fit During Adolescence: Trajectories of Family Relations and Adolescent Outcomes

Do Parents Foster Self-Esteem? Testing the Prospective Impact of Parent Closeness on Adolescent Self-Esteem

Difficult Temperament Predicts Self-Esteem in Adolescence

The Causal Ordering of Academic Achievement and Self-Concept of Ability During Elementary School: A Longitudinal Study

Autoregressive Cross-Lagged Modeling of the Reciprocal Longitudinal Relationship Between Self-Esteem and Career Maturity

Korean adolescents' longitudinal change of intrinsic motivation in learning English and mathematics during secondary school years: Focusing on gender difference and school characteristics

Girls' Relationship Authenticity and Self-Esteem Across Adolescence

Embodiment Feels Better: Girls' Body Objectification and Well-Being Across Adolescence

Cross-lagged relations between math-related interest, performance goals and skills in groups of children with different general abilities ☆

Acculturation-Based and Everyday Parent-Adolescent Conflict Among Chinese American Adolescents: Longitudinal Trajectories and Implications for Mental Health

Development of Metacognitive Knowledge of Reading Strategies and Attitudes Toward Reading in Early Adolescence: The Effect on Reading Comprehension

Longitudinal Effects of Student-Perceived Classroom Support on Motivation -A Latent Change Model

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Adaptive and Effortful Control and Academic Self-efficacy Beliefs on Achievement: A Longitudinal Study of 1 st through 3 rd Graders

Will I succeed in middle school? A longitudinal analysis of self-efficacy in school transitions in relation to goal structures and engagement

Learning climate, academic competence, and anxiety during the transition to middle school: Parental attachment as a protective factor

Longitudinal Stability of Latent Means and Individual Differences: A Unified Approach

Structure, Stability, and Development of Young Children's Self-Concepts: A Multicohort-Multioccasion Study

A Longitudinal Study of Children's Depressive Symptoms, Self-Perceptions, and Cognitive Distortions about the Self

A Longitudinal Analysis of Elementary School Students' Achievement Goals in Literacy Activities

The change in middle school students' achievement goals in mathematics over time

The Storm and Stress (or Calm) of Early Adolescent Self-Concepts: Within-and Between-Subjects Variability

Social group membership and self-perceptions in Northern Irish children: A longitudinal study

Trajectories of change in students' self-concepts of ability and values in math and college major choice

The Development of Students' Mathematics Self-Concept in Relation to Gender: Different Countries, Different Trajectories?

The Longitudinal Interplay of Students' Academic Self-Concepts and Achievements Within and Across Domains: Replicating and Extending the Reciprocal Internal/External Frame of Reference Model

Does self-competence predict gender differences in adolescent depression and anxiety?

Latent Motivational Change in an Academic Setting: A 3-Year Longitudinal Study

Self-Efficacy, Motivation Constructs, and Mathematics Performance of Entering Middle School Students

Achievement goals and school achievement: The transition to different school tracks in secondary school

The Development of Adolescents' Self-concept of Ability through Grades 7-9 and the Role of Parental Beliefs

Enjoying mathematics or feeling competent in mathematics? Reciprocal effects on mathematics achievement and perceived math effort expenditure

The influence of teacher support on student adjustment in the middle school years: A latent growth curve study

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A longitudinal study of psychological functioning and academic attainment at the transition to secondary school

The Dark Side of Internet Use: Two Longitudinal Studies of Excessive Internet Use, Depressive Symptoms, School Burnout and Engagement Among Finnish Early and Late Adolescents

A Longitudinal Assessment of the Links Between Physical Activity and Self-Esteem in Early Adolescent Non-Hispanic Females

Self-Efficacy, Attribution, and Outcome Expectancy Mechanisms in Reading and Writing Achievement: Grade-Level and Achievement-Level Differences

Achievement Goals and Achievement During Early Adolescence: Examining Time-Varying Predictor and Outcome Variables in Growth-Curve Analysis

Math and Science Motivation: A Longitudinal Examination of the Links Between Choices and Beliefs

Longitudinal Investigation Into the Role of Perceived Social Support in Adolescents' Academic Motivation and Achievement

The Roles of Competence Beliefs and Goal Orientations for Change in Intrinsic Motivation

Longitudinal analysis of the link between learning motivation and competence beliefs among elementary school children

Longitudinal Analysis of Intrinsic Motivation and Competence Beliefs: Is There a Relation Over Time?

Low and Decreasing Self-Esteem During Adolescence Predict Adult Depression Two Decades Later

Educational Psychology: An International Journal of Experimental Educational Psychology

Think Positive? Examining the Impact of Optimism on Academic Achievement in Early Adolescents

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Development of attitude toward reading adolescent literature and literary reading behavior

Education-related goal appraisals and self-esteem during the transition to secondary education: A longitudinal study

The Developmental Dynamics between Interest, Self-concept of Ability, and Academic Performance

The Different Role of Mothers' and Fathers' Beliefs in the Development of Adolescents' Mathematics and Literacy Task Values

Social Support Matters: Longitudinal Effects of Social Support on Three Dimensions of School Engagement From Middle to High School

Educational and Career Interests in Math: A Longitudinal Examination of the Links Between Classroom Environment, Motivational Beliefs, and Interests

The Motivational Landscape of Early Adolescence in the United States and China: A Longitudinal Investigation

A Longitudinal Study of the Effects of Family, Friends, and School Experiences on the Psychological Adjustment of Ethnic Minority, Low-SES Adolescents

Students' Perceptions of School Climate During the Middle School Years: Associations with Trajectories of Psychological and Behavioral Adjustment

Math grades and intrinsic motivation in elementary school: A longitudinal investigation of their association

A longitudinal study of self-esteem, cultural identity, and academic success among American Indian adolescents

Children's Competence Beliefs, Achievement Values, and General Self-Esteem Change Across Elementary and Middle School


Domain-specific Self-concept and Achieaement Motizsation in the Transition from Primary to Low Middle School

Trajectories of Depressive Symptoms and Self-Esteem in Latino Youths: Examining the Role of Gender and Perceived Discrimination

A Longitudinal Study of Self-Esteem: Implications for Adolescent Development